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The Most Versatile Cookies You'll Ever Bake

Have you ever met someone (or are someone) who is on a specific diet? One week you're paleo, the next you're gluten-free only, the next you're on an elimination diet so you can basically eat only vegetables. It's always changing, so only certain recipes work for certain times.

Well these cookies have been, for me, the most versatile and delightful little treasures for a number of reasons. I'll list three.

1. They are safe for about 85% of current trending alternative diets. That is, they are grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low FODMAP, vegan, dairy-free, and the list continues. And they're actually SUPER delicious too!

2. The recipe includes really simple ingredients. A lot of grain-free and gluten-free cookbooks have additives like arrowroot starch. For some, they can tolerate it just fine. But unfortunately, I can't, so this recipe is perfect!

3. You can experiment very easily with new flavors. For example, I have tried making these as chocolate swirl, chocolate chip, vanilla lavender, marzipan and cherry, just to name a few. The ingredients seem to keep their moist consistency inside with a little bit of crackle on the outside.

These are the marzipan + cherry flavored cookies.

Today I'll be sharing with you the vanilla lavender flavor as they are usually the most unique and fun. Not only that, but they go great with afternoon tea! I've attached the recipe below.

Vanilla Lavender Tea Cookie Recipe

The basic ingredients credit for this recipe go to Erin at who I've adapted this recipe from. However, the various flavor combinations are my own. For additional recipes for other flavors of this cookie, email me and I would love to share them with you!

Variety of flavors: chocolate swirl, lemon poppyseed and vanilla lavender

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