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Welcome to Saint Basil Farm!
We are a 7.5 acre homestead farm in
Pinnacle, North Carolina.

Our Story


Ephraim is from Seattle, WA and Olympia is from the San Francisco Bay Area. We got married in California, and after a few years of renting a small duplex, we decided it was time to embark on a brand new adventure. We sold everything we own, moved across the country, and bought a 7.5 acre homestead.

We currently have a garden that produces way too many cucumbers, heritage apple orchard, peach orchard, grape vines and a berry garden with blueberries, blackberries, and other wild things. Our only livestock at the moment are the Bass and Perch/sunfish in our pond, birds of all kinds, an owl, wild deer (they're mainly here for the apples), and some intense tree-climbing groundhogs. We are hoping to get the farm up and running with chickens, guinea hens, sheep, cows, and pigs.

Our ultimate goal is to create a regenerative farm focused on sustainability and biodiversity through organic farming practices. We have big dreams to share our home and farm with our community, but all good things take time. Stay tuned! You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates or you can visit us on our facebook page Saint Basil Farm: North Carolina. 


Farm Products

Apple Wood and Peach Wood chips make for great BBQ and smoking poultry, ribs, and seafood. Our heirloom apple trees and peach trees are never sprayed with chemicals or pesticides and these wood chips make a great addition to any cookout. Check out our wood chips here.


More products to come in the future!


Never cooked with wood chips before? Here are some resources you might enjoy.

How to use wood chips for BBQ and what to know.

How to pick the right wood for you.

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